Cindy Pellas

Cindy Pellas

Name and involvement with the Port River Dolphins?

Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Action Group Treasurer
Whale and Dolphin Conservation Dolphin Adopter

Where do you come from?

I grew up in Sydney and move to Adelaide in the mid 90’s, then move to Melb in the late 90’s and moved back to Adelaide 5 years ago.
It’s great to be back as Adelaide is a great place to work, rest and play… especially with the Port River dolphins!

For how long have you volunteer and why?

I’ve been a volunteer since April 2013 and I’ve been fascinated by dolphins since my early 20s.  I’ve studied the dolphins of Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne and I often go to Hawaii to swim with the spinner dolphins there.  Yet it’s great to have the Port River dolphins at our doorstep as we don’t have to go far to say hi!

Your job and hobbies?

I’m a trainer for a software company which allows me to travel around Australia and New Zealand.  When staying in coastal towns I’m always on the lookout for dolphins and more often than not they pop by to greet me into their town.
I’m also a trained Rebirther\Breathworker and dolphins are the best breathworkers of them all!
I’ve just gotten back into drawing as I used to do this alot when I was younger and drawing dolphins are my favourite subject…..of course!

That crazy/special/weird thing you did?

If you ask my friends and family, there would be quite a few!
Probably the most prominent is how often I go to Hawaii to swim with the spinner dolphins and the Dominican Republic to swim with the humpback whales.
It fascinates me the amount of people that ask me if I’m scared when I swim with the cetaceans and that’s the last thing from my mind when I’m in the water with them.  Love is the main feeling I have in their presence.