Community Engagement Days

Environmental education and community engagement focuses on teaching the inherent value of the environment; the interconnectedness of environment, economy, culture, and health, and how human actions affect the environment. The ADS Action Group strives to raise public awareness, and inform people about how the choices they make ultimately impact the environment.

Community Engagement- Our Aims

  1. Increase community participation
  2. Increase awareness and knowledge of dolphins and other marine mammal risks within both the Port River and globally
  3. Promote sustainable behavioural change to ultimately help in the protection of dolphins and their environment

What activities are involved?

  1. Community events
  2. Dolphin information surveys
  3. Educational activities and talks
  4. Development of promotional and educational material
  5. Distribution of information and installation of signage

Have an idea for a new project or task? Then we want to hear from you! The ADS Action Group are always looking for new ways to educate and teach people about dolphins and their conservation, so get in touch with us!

Want to be involved?

Community engagement is open to all Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Action Group volunteers. If you’re a member of the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Action Group and want to get involved, check out our upcoming events or contact us!

Alternatively if you are not an Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Action member, but wish to be, please register your interest.

Community volunteers
Biking by the water
Dolphin mascot