Dolphin Day

The Port Adelaide River and Barker inlet is home to 30 or more Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins with some 300 more dolphins thought to visit. This area is protected under the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary ACT 2005 and it is managed by the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) in collaboration with other government agencies, local community, NGOs and volunteers.

DEWNR in collaboration with local NGO’s and other government agencies is offering a unique opportunity to learn more about the Port River Dolphins, their habitat and how get involved.

FREE Activities include

  • Scientific Talks at the Port Adelaide Town Hall
  • Information Stalls.
  • Free tickets for Dolphin cruise (to pick up at the ADS Stall from 10:00am, limited number of tickets available per cruise, maximum 2 tickets per family)
  • Kid activities and kid dolphin cruises
  • Dolphin Trail, face painting, Touch and learn tables
  • Interactive Theatre play by the Adelaide University Theatre Guild

Planning and Justification:

A large group of partner organisations contribute to the delivery of the Dolphin Day including; ADS Action Group, Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, AMWRRO, Friends of Torrens Island, SA Museum, SA Maritime Museum.

The project reinforces links between the local and Adelaide communities, NGO’s and Government agencies.  By developing a working partnership, the project promotes the shared ownership of the initiative and provides members of the community with skills for future involvement with the ADS.


  1. Increase community participation (contributing to Objective 4 of the ADS Management Plan);
  2. Increase awareness and knowledge of dolphins and marine mammals risks within the Port River area and in a wider perspective (contributing to Objective 5 of the ADS Management Plan) and
  3. Foster behaviour changes in the community, promoting sustainable behaviours that would help in the protection of dolphins and their environment in particular in the Port River area (contributing to Objective 1 and 2 of the ADS Management Plan)