Dolphin Trails

Wild bottlenose dolphins are the big ticket attraction of the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary. A number of viewing platforms throughout the area provide locals and visitors with many wonderful opportunities to observe these dolphins in their natural environment.

But where can I see the dolphins from land?

A Dolphin Trail has been developed to provide you the opportunity to unobtrusively watch the dolphins from the shore. Interpretive signs have been positioned along the waterfront, providing details about it’s location and the dolphins that you may see there.

Wanting a bit more?

Then join the ADS Action Group on a Dolphin Trail! Our Dolphin Trails are guided by our experienced volunteers. These trails are the perfect opportunity to see some dolphins from land, learn more about the dolphins and their habitat area, learn about photo-identification and improve your camera skills!  Although dolphins don’t appear on request, your guide will take you to some of the best locations where dolphins are seen.

Want to be involved?

Dolphin Trails are open to all Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Action Group volunteers. On the day, you will need to bring suitable clothing for the weather conditions, comfortable walking shoes, snacks and water. And your camera, of course!

If you’re a member of the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Action Group and want to get involved, check out our upcoming events or contact us!

Alternatively if you are not an Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Action member, but wish to be, please register your interest.